Urain’s injury is left in a scare

Ewan Urain scored a goal in the derby against Sanse in an accident in which the colts Julen Lobete left the field injured in minute 47, and Dani Garrido, in 58. The Bilbao Athletic striker had the turn in 70, being replaced by Tascón. The punta durangarra was cursing his luck on the way to the changing rooms. The goal had been collected in the 20th minute, by taking advantage of a center measured from the left by Imanol García de Albéniz who finished off with the head, hitting the back of central Aranbarri before. Fortunately, everything has been in a scare, suffers an overload in the hamstring muscles that does not have any gravity. In addition, the 20-day Christmas break in the Second B competition allows training sessions to be dosed with active breaks. Urain may be from the game against Real Unión and in the postponed with Barakaldo.

Both Ewan Urain and Andoni Tascón, the two most specific nines of the Bilbao Athletic squad, were weighed down by the happy injuries last year. Urain with laps with a meniscus condition, which kept him off the pitch for five months overlapping with confinement and reaching the express playoff on time against CD Badajoz. Tascón, for his part, with his hamstrings giving him the can, which replayed every time he reappeared in the green. In the preseason of this past summer of the rojiblanco subsidiary in Lezama, with outings to the friendlies scheduled for preparation, both were again punctuated by physical discomfort that is preventing them from taking off, to the despair of their coach, Joseba Etxeberria. The Uribarri striker purged a micro-tear in the adductor that has affected him after so long standing still, although he arrived in time for the start of the League and is picking up the tone in the minutes he has played. Urain was dodging knee discomfortay was joining the lot again. Along with Nico Serrano, he also threw a cable to the first team of Gaizka Garitano in routine training at the start of the preseason to fill the gaps of those affected by COVID-19.

Urain, de 20 years, that despite all these vicissitudes, he scored 3 goals in just 5 games and that at Basconia he scored ways with 13 goals, he wants this season to excel. Their time has come. He adds two goals, against Portugalete in La Florida and that of Zubieta, and freed from injuries, he hopes to take the necessary pace to impose his quality and size against the opposing centrals.




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