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The holidays begin “sportingly” – centrepresseaveyron.fr

by archysport

At the social center, the winter holidays started sportingly with the intervention of Anthony de Ufolep. And this one did not come with his hands in his pockets, but with several new games and activities, such as disc golf (our photo), which consists of playing golf … with a frisbee which must be in the basket … Or bumball, a game with a ball that should not be caught with the hands, but only with the stomach, chest or buttocks! Or Indiana or pétéca, a Brazilian game between badminton, volleyball and Basque pelota. Among all these novelties with which the children had fun, there was of course, the motor skills course for the little ones and a more cooperative time prepared by the animator, to stimulate both autonomy and the collective spirit. and this, always in a good mood: it’s the holidays!

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