Spalding launches Kobe Bryant’s new “Hall of Fame” commemorative basketball

Spalding previously launched “Silver” and “Kobe Marbled Snake“After Kobe Bryant commemorated his special basketball game, he launched a brand new “Hall of Fame” before the end of the year, aiming to win 5 championships, 18 All-Star games, and two All-Star games won by Kobe Bryant during his 20-year career. NBA Finals MVP, a regular MVP, slam dunk championship and other great achievements are encapsulated. The design can be seen in two colors of black and gold. The golden part is naturally a symbol of the iconic color of the Los Angeles Lakers jersey, and 2010 is attached. When he successfully avenged Boston Celtics and won his fifth title in his career, Kobe Bryant was full of spirits and ribbons. The black side is presented in the image of his Mamba, and details such as the handwritten signature and the Hall of Fame logo can be seen.

This basketball will be sold through the Spalding app on December 21st. A total of 2,408 pieces will be issued in a tribute to the two used back numbers worn by Kobe Bryant. It will be packaged in a transparent square outer box with a row of surfaces. The above-mentioned career achievements and the Mamba Sports Academy Logo, which put a lot of effort into his lifetime, are believed to be of great commemorative value to diehard fans.



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