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Shaq’s icy prediction of the Warriors

by archysport

The Warriors’ first outings were not the most encouraging for a team aspiring to return to the playoffs. In any case, they do not inspire confidence at all in Shaquille O’Neal.

Another year of absence for Klay Thompson, and almost everything has collapsed in the Golden State project. With their iconic Big Three and rookies arriving this fall, the Warriors could certainly hope to make a comeback in the playoffs, and even aspire to a title again.

However, the first matches have shown that the absence of their sniper will be difficult to replace. The injury of Draymond Green, who is also missing so far, as well as the permanent loss of another player for the remainder of the season have only driven the point home.

In this context, the famous group of columnists of the famous show “Inside the NBA” on TNT debated the outcome of the regular season in the West, and predicted the franchises that would miss the postseason. As for the Warriors, Shaquille O’Neal is not at all confident.

Ernie Johnson : Which teams will not make the playoffs in the West?

Shaquille O’Neal : OKC.

Charles Barkley : Yes, I agree with that.

Ernie Johnson : Memphis will be in trouble without Ja Morant.

Shaquille O’Neal : Golden State.

Charles Barkley : Golden State ?! When Draymond returns, they will be in the conversation for the playoffs!

The Shaq seems to have seen enough to understand that the Warriors will not return to the top flight this season. After two serious inaugural setbacks, and given the disastrous percentage of the team, the two successes that followed against Chicago and Detroit obviously did not get the better of Big Diesel’s defeatism.

The Warriors are going to have to fight if they want to grab even a place in the play-in this season. For that, it will be necessary to find regularity, and especially that the fate stops hitting the roster. It is a priori too much to ask for Shaquille O’Neal.

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