Sassari and Venice win, Cantù basketball on the pitch in Santo Stefano against Reggio Emilia

Cantù basketball: yesterday you played two games of the men’s A1 championship.

Cantù Acqua San Bernardo basketball will be back on the field on 26 December in Reggio Emilia

Pallacanestro Cantù yesterday witnessed two recoveries in the men’s A1 series basketball championship. In fact, yesterday important and deserved successes for Sassari in Cremona and Venice at home against Trieste. Cantù will now return to the field after Christmas, on Boxing Day on December 26th in anticipation of the 13th first leg of Reggio Emilia.

Acqua S.Bernardo on stage at the “Unipol Arena” in Casalecchio di Reno on the day of Santo Stefano, at 20:30, against Reggio Emilia. The match, valid for the thirteenth round of the Serie A championship, will be the last of 2020 for the team coached by coach Cesare Pancotto, also formerly of the challenge. The biancoblù, then, will return to the field in 2021 against Fortitudo Bologna, at home, on Saturday 2 January at 20:00.

Thus Pancotto during the presentation: “There are no easy games and the one against Reggio is not. We are convinced and determined to face a team with a great tradition, which is making a positive path in the league, of a good level, with marked athleticism and talent, led by a good coach ”.

“As for us, we will have to be good at giving value to every single possession, as if it were the most important of our game and our championship. We need to raise the level of attention, determination and defensive application throughout the 40 minutes of play. Against Brescia we gave everything but did not collect what we deserved. However, I am proud of the team and I said this to the boys, I am sorry because they deserve more for all the good things they do in matches and in training, passing over injuries or absences, all with great silence and great generosity ”concluded Pancotto.

Yesterday’s recoveries

Yesterday 23 December Venice-Trieste 81-66 and Cremona-Sassari75-95; 30/12 Virtus Bologna-Pesaro, Trieste-Treviso; 6/01 Trieste-Reggio Emilia

Program of the 13th round first leg

Saturday 26 December at 8.30 pm Reggio Emilia-Cantù; Sunday 27 ire 12 Sassari-Brescia; 4 pm Pesaro-Trieste; 5 pm Varese-Treviso; 5.15 pm Virtus Bologna-Milan; 18 Fortitudo Bologna-Venice; 8 pm Cremona-Brindisi.

Updated classification Serie A1

Milan 20; Brindisi 18; Virtus Bologna 14; Trento, Reggio Emilia, Venice, Sassari 12; Treviso, Pesaro, Brescia 10; Cremona 8; Varese, Cantù, Trieste, Fortitudo Bologna 6.


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