Sasa Kalajdzic saves VfB Stuttgart against Union

With his two late goals against Union Berlin, Sasa Kalajdzic saved VfB Stuttgart from a 2-2 draw – and was therefore also the celebrated hero of the Stuttgart team.

But while the rest of Stuttgart were happy about the late point win, the Austrian was apparently a little annoyed. (The game for reading in the ticker)

When Uli Potofski finally asked the Austrian after the game if he would keep checking his cell phone because he had received so many congratulations, Kalajdzic replied, perplexed Sky-Reporter: “No, I looked at Kickbase. I idiot didn’t stand up. That was really stupid.”

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VfB coach Matarazzo praises Kalajdzic

His coach Pellegrino Matarazzo was enthusiastic about the 23-year-old’s performance: “I’m very happy for Sasa and his two goals, he has shown what quality he has.”

When asked about Kalajdzic’s disappointment that he hadn’t positioned himself in his managerial game, Matarazzo had to smile and said: “I don’t know it. But I got that from him”.

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Kalajdzic was not only annoyed about his line-up in the manager app, which was in need of improvement, but also about the fact that it had taken an extremely long time before his goal to equalize 2-2 was recognized.

“The referee said it was being checked for handball. Then suddenly he said it wasn’t a hand anyway, something else is being checked. It’s just annoying – this waiting, waiting, waiting,” criticized Kalajdzic.



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