Pia Lange nominated for “Social Talents in Sport 2020”


Every year since 2016, the Hanover Sports Region has been honoring young athletes who are heavily involved in voluntary work in the clubs and who stand out through their commitment. For this purpose, young volunteers were nominated within the Hanover region. “In order to make it clear to young people how important this commitment is for their clubs and how much it is valued internally and externally, such a project is required. On the one hand, it offers the opportunity to thank the young people and to give them the attention they deserve on the other hand, this attention may encourage other young people to use part of their free time for club work “, emphasize the organizers.

Nominated for “Social Talents in Sport 2020” was Pia Lange, the only badminton sport by the Altwarmbüchener Badminton Club (ABC), who soon volunteered for the club after starting badminton.

“Pia is 16 years old, a student and has worked as a trainer assistant since July 2015 for her club, the Altwarmbüchener Badminton Club v. 1984 eV, volunteering actively supported. Since then she has been involved in every holiday pass campaign and also helps with the preparation and organization of tournaments with motivation. In November 2018 Pia successfully completed further training to become a DBV trainer assistant through the Lower Saxony Badminton Association. She gives weekly training as with children – and youth training, partly with their own training group, “says Altwarmbüchener BC

In the summer of 2020, she completed the basic course to become a C-trainer for popular sports and finished her training in November 2020. “With her friendly and open-minded nature, Pia is a helpful contact person for the children in the various training groups Go beyond the scope, but the number of ‘tickets for clubs’ she has already entered is outstanding “, emphasize those in charge of the ABC.

Until December 15, 2020 you can go to vote for Pia Lange.



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