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Matías Huarte: “We have to know what we are for”

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The Argentino de Junín team is on hiatus due to the end of the year for the National Basketball League, which will resume in the coming month of January.

El Turco de Junín on Wednesday 6 will travel to the Federal Capital where the “bubble” proposed by the AdC is developed, to play again on Thursday 7 of 2021, when he faces Hispano Americano.

Then, on Friday the 8th he will be measured with Bahía Basket and during the course of the month of that month he will have duels with the teams of the South Zone, for which he will complete 13 matches in total.

Consequently, they will face Platense, Bahía Basket and Boca Juniors on two occasions.
On the other hand, it should be remembered that the team from the Las Morochas neighborhood performed well in what was the return of the activity, after the stoppage due to the pandemic.

However, in the middle of the return of basketball, there were outbreaks of virus infections, among them in the Argentinian team, so the contest suffered a new pause, although in this case it was brief.

The Argentinean coach of Juni, Matías Huarte, spoke with THE SPORTS on what happened with his managers and touched on various issues related to the level of the team and the development of the highest category.

Initially, he said: I am enjoying the family, recharging my batteries for the next phase in January, which is going to be an important bustle.

In particular it becomes complicated but we get along very well, what happens is that one with the whirlwind of games and preparing one, ends the other, and after 24 hours you have to play again. What seems like two days off are to prepare for the games that follow ”.

Asked about the development of the current National League tournament, Matías Huarte said that “on some occasion I said it, I was sure that the tournament is totally atypical but in its way of playing in the different teams, I would be interested in the proposals, that was juicy. ”

Regarding the large number of minutes of play that some players had, the DT stated:

“I honestly know that there I have to give some rest to some players who are playing for more than the average time on the court.

There is also a question of confidence, that you plan the games and that you need them on the court, that’s why it becomes difficult.

Let’s hope that in January we will be able to do a slightly longer rotation, although they told me that they are physically very well, but the decision-making begins to be a little finer ”.

“Very positive, because we were very competitive against teams that were armed to fight for the championship.

We beat the Institute, we were competitive with San Lorenzo, Olímpico, Comodoro, the last one was not how we wanted to finish, but Quimsa really is very well and has a very complete squad ”, he said about the balance made.

Asked about the choice of a particular match for the Turk, the coach stated:

“I don’t have a game that says ‘in this we played great’, because we had games that we played well like that of San Martín de Corrientes, we knew what we had to do and we were left with empty hands, just like against Olímpico, which was a great game and we didn’t win it.

For what it implies and the rival, the match with the Institute in which we were losing and we won, was very celebrated and we were very happy with the two points we had achieved ”.

Then after the stoppage of the activity for the year 2020, he explained: “The players left with a work plan for the break and they have to return to Junín on the 2nd to start training on the 3rd in the morning.

The teacher supervises that they do the work, obviously they are professionals and it is not necessary to be on top but it is to get there in the best way, because when they come we will have little time to work on the physical, I want to work on the tactical part, we have two days for the third we go back to Capital.

As for whether he will have the same squad for what is coming, Huarte explained:

“I will have the same team, I am very satisfied with the players and the work team that support me year after year and help make things easier, I am talking about the teachers, assistants, kinesiologists, the doctor, the props. I’m very happy”.

“I think Quimsa is very solid, today it is one step above everyone else. There is a peculiarity of the San Martín de Corrientes team that I like how they play, but in terms of hierarchy and play, Quimsa is at the top.

We have to wait if teams like Instituto or San Lorenzo move the pieces, which is going to get their ego out and play, the tip will be interesting, ”said the Junín native.

Likewise, Matías Huarte gave his opinion on the foreigner Antoni Vicens, saying:

“He went to spend the holidays as we are all doing with the family, so welcome, recharge the batteries and come back with the same energy that came.

It was a very great success, it is a piece that is being very good for the team.

He has character, he knows how to play basketball, he is good people off the court, they are all things that add up and I am very happy to have him on campus.

He was very involved in doing his job, he is very professional, docile when it comes to listening and expressing himself with his colleagues. The whole group is very well.

One told him what he knows about the club, the League and he liked it. He’s giving the team a hand and he’s having a good time, that’s important ”.

Then, regarding the team’s game, he pointed out: “There are always things to correct, what happens is that the atypical form of play means that one does not have much time to work on the court.

Let’s hope that the three days that we are going to have to train, we are going to do basketball, trying to polish some things mainly defensive, because offensively if one does not appear another one appears, we are averaging almost 83 points per game and for a team like ours it is a high scoring.

That gives me a certain peace of mind but the defensive rules have to be sharper, oiled, we hope we can work on them and be able to get to the game with Hispano in the best way possible ”.

In another order, he clarified: “When the results are positive it becomes much easier. We have to keep our feet on the ground, we have to keep working.

We are a team that we have to know why we are in the League, not be confused, continue with humility, plan the games in the same way and that the boys enter concentrated knowing that if we lose concentration for two minutes, surely we will see each other in the score ten points down.

We have to keep working and for another year not to name the word descent in Junín, it is meritorious and it is good.

Last year we settled in the middle of the table and it was not named, for me it is a comfort and a pride. You have to know what we are for, if the playoff comes we will be more than happy and we will be the first to look for it. “

Regarding some endings of matches that were unfavorable for Argentino, he commented: “As they are lost they are also won, we have to turn the page quickly and start preparing the other game, because at twenty-four hours you have to be lucid to face another.

If of the four or five games that we lost in the last ball or supplementary we had scored two, we would be talking about Argentina being sixth or fifth, it’s crazy but that’s the way it is. You have to prepare because it can happen.

Finally, Matías Huarte stressed: “Today Argentino has earned respect for how he plays, because we have had very good basketball games, but mainly because the team never lowers its head and lowers its arms, even if they take us fourteen or fifteen points as the game with the Institute passed us and we ended up winning it. We are uncomfortable for rivals.

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