Lionel Messi scored a great goal and beat Pele’s all-time record

Lionel Messi beat one of the most mythical records of Skin when scoring his goal 644 with the same shirt, in his case that of Barcelona. The flea got it in 749 games, while Edson Arantes do Nascimento achieved 643 in 757 games disputed with him Saints of Brazil between 1956 and 1974. They had to pass 46 years for a footballer to emulate and overcome that shocking milestone that distinguished the Brazilian and that no one thought it would be equaled.

The Rosario equalized the mark over the weekend, celebrating a bit against Valencia in the 2-2 draw and this Tuesday he celebrated again against Valladolid for 3-0. The 33-year-old forward was the brain of a fantastic play by the left sector of the attack in which he was associated with Frenkie De Jong, with Pedri, who returned with a cue, and defined face to face with the goalkeeper with a shot to place that started from his left foot, the author of the vast majority Of his works.

In the breakdown, it can be seen that of its 644 shouts, 451 were for La Liga (top scorer), 118 for Champions League (second top scorer), 53 for Copa del Rey, 14 for the Spanish Super Cup (top scorer) and 5 for the Club World Cup and 3 for the European Super Cup

On Sunday, King greeted the new inhabitant of the throne through an extensive message on social networks. “When your heart overflows with love, it is difficult to change your path. Like you, I know what it is to love to wear the same shirt every day. Like you, I know that there is nothing better than the place where we feel at home“, Signed the former striker regarding the relationship between the flea and the Blaugrana team, which can be cut on June 30, 2021, when their contract ends and they can be left with the card in their possession.

“Congratulations on your historical record, Lionel. But above all, congratulations on your beautiful career at Barcelona. Stories like ours, of loving the same club for so long, will unfortunately become increasingly rare in football. I admire you a lot, Leo Messi”, Concluded Pelé.

After the repercussion that the words of the Brazilian star had, Messi responded by virtual means: his Instagram account: “Thank you very much for your kind message, Pelé. The truth was that it was nice to see him for what those words mean coming from someone as great as you were. I send you a big hug!!!”.

The numbers of Pelé and Messi

Messi, who is barely 33 years old and desires to continue breaking records and expanding his legend, will surely further expand the mark of 644 shouts, although perhaps in mid-2021 he will choose to leave Barcelona free to look for football in another destination. If that happens, the count will have an end point and it will be time for another player to start working on getting through it.

It should be noted that the scoring figures for both world stars are counted only in what were official matches and according to the data shared by the official accounts of the Barça club, the specialized website Transfermarket and the Rec Sport Soccer Statistics Foundation (RSSSF), one of the most recognized statistics collection organizations in the environment.

November 22 2014, Messi became the top scorer in La Liga by scoring a treble against Sevilla and leaving Zarra with his 252 goals. A little over four years from that night, the Argentine already has 449 shouts in the league.

Two years earlier, with a new hat-trick, he had reached 234 goals from César Rodríguez, who wore the Barcelona shirt for 13 seasons and was the club’s top scorer until March 17 of that year, when he was surpassed by Rosario’s gunner.

Messi’s match against Valladolid

“The figures are impressive. I don’t know how many hat-tricks he scored … Once again, everything he has done for this club is incredible. We are not going to have a player in this club who has been so effective, that is why he is number 1 ”, he had highlighted Ronald Koeman the weekend when asked about the current status of his captain.

In June of this year Messi reached 700 goals on his personal account and thus joined the famous “Group of 7”. As for that mythical bunch of stars, which Josef Bican leads with 805 goals, he and Cristiano Ronaldo are the only ones who continue in the race and keep getting closer to him. While the Argentine adds 714, Portuguese is already fourth in that table with 754, ahead of Gerd Muller (735) and Ferenc Puskás (746), being surpassed only by Pelé (767) and Romario (772), in addition to Bican.


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