James Buster Douglas Ready to Repeat Mike Tyson’s KO Moment


THE ANGELS James Buster Douglas ready to relive the moment he was the first to knock Mike Tyson out in 1990. 30 years ago, Douglas, who had a 42-1 record, was the underdog against Iron Mike (37-0, 33KO).

But Mike Tyson can now seek revenge against Douglas, who retired from boxing in 1999. The 60-year-old veteran has hinted he will return to the ring to face his longtime rival Tyson. He told USA TODAY Sports: “Of course, I would welcome this opportunity,” he said. “Being a prize fighter for so many years and still feeling pretty good today, you always feel like you have one more fight inside of you.”

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Tyson has an incredible 37-0 record including 33 knockouts against Douglas. Despite overthrowing the champion, Douglas admitted that he had never officially discussed a rematch. He added: “I have been asked about it in casual conversation.”

“ They always ask, ‘Why don’t you guys do a rematch?’ ‘

“It has never really been shown, as far as the rematch goes. It’s often mentioned. That is all.”

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Tyson, 54, came out of retirement in a draw against Roy Jones Jr, 51, in an exhibition match on November 28. Iron Mike, who has been retired since 2005, confirmed after the draw that he would fight again. Speaking of the fight, Douglas said: “ It was very competitive. ”

“A pair of men who are past their peak but are trying hard there. Cheer up. ”

But Douglas, 60, isn’t the only former fighter expected to face Tyson next. A number of names are attributed to Tyson’s comeback after Jones. There are names Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield to Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury who will be Iron Mike’s next opponent.




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