Dani Oliveras will miss the Dakar 2021 for the COVID-19

The year is coming to an end and the pandemic is still wreaking havoc on the world of sport. The last athlete to watch his plans to compete fade because of the covid-19 is Dani Oliveras. The Vilablareix, who had to side with Nani Roma in the co-driver tasks in the next edition of the Dakar with the Hunter car of the Bahrain Raid Extrem team, tested positive yesterday and will not be able to travel to Arabia. He explained this through a post on his Instagram account. “These are not easy times. The first time I tested positive was on December 8th. I thought it would be clean and I could go to the Dakar because I did the life they recommend when you are positive, ”explains Oliveras, for whom the first result was a shock. “I don’t know where the virus came from this second time. I felt good all December except for one day when I had a fever. In fact, last Thursday the Girona man underwent a serology test to see if he had antibodies or not. “Unfortunately it went wrong. This is when the team activated a plan B that it had planned for a long time in case the situation did not reverse “, he explains.

Alex Winocq takes the witness stand. The Frenchman is a renowned co-pilot of raids. However, their last experience in the Dakar, together with Romain Dumas, was very short because the car they were competing in burned down 65 kilometers after the competition started. “It will be complicated for them. They have not been able to do pre-test work as needed. It is necessary to add Nani and Alex who speak different languages ​​”, concludes the one from Vilablareix.




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