Child Number One, then Balance in the Bank


Zlatan Ibrahimovic admits that he always puts his children first outside the field. After that, he just thought about the balance in the bank account.

Ibrahimovic has yet to decide to hang up his shoes even though he is 39 years old. The Swedish striker has not even exhausted his abilities by being able to boost AC Milan’s performance.

Since returning to Milan, Ibrahimovic has scored 22 goals in 30 matches in all competitions. The Rossoneri are even at the top of the Italian League standings this season with 34 points without defeat.

Ibrahimovic admits that his current achievement is because he always doesn’t want to lose to others. He also admits that he is very egocentric, but that is what keeps him growing after dusk.

“I’m egocentric, if I didn’t put myself in front of everything, I wouldn’t be here. There is only one Ibra, right? I am,” Ibrahimovic told SportWeek.

Even though he is a very egocentric person, Ibrahimovic is aware that at this time he must prioritize his children in a context outside of football. Furthermore, he acknowledged that money had to be earned for survival.

“But now, in my life, off the pitch, my kids come first, Maximilian and Vincent first, of course, and then the balance in my bank. This is serious, no kidding,” confirmed Ibrahimovic.

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