“You have to go gradually with Asensio and Hazard”

Real Madrid coach Zinédine Zidane analyzed his team’s first Champions League victory this season.

A more tense second half : “Yes, there is always tension in a match. It’s normal. It’s a Champions match, very balanced but in the end, these are three very important points for us. We had to take them and we l ‘Done with character, in pain against a very good opponent. We must congratulate the players. “

The game : “We started the match very well, pressing in front and recovering the ball very high. They scored quickly after the 2-0 and we then had difficulties to continue to develop our football. The second was very balanced but the third goal is very beautiful. We deserve the three points. “

Hazard received a blow : “He took a big hit on the other foot, but nothing more. It doesn’t matter. Eden, like Asensio, must work because they have been sidelined for a very long time.”

100 goals for Ramos: “I’m happy for him, for what he does. He’s our leader and we always want to have him with us.”

Inter Milan: “They came back very well in the second half, better than us. We were less good on our side. They are very strong physically, very fast, good offensively.”

Changes : “They are there to bring something positive, something different. That’s what we did. Hazard and Asensio did a good job and we have to be patient with them, to go gradually. We took advantage of the spaces with changes. “

Asking more from Rodrygo and Vinicius: “Yes, we can ask for more. You can be happy with the game because you can’t always do everything. You have to savor.”

If he is relieved or happy: “I’m happy, very happy.”


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