Van Hanegem about Berghuis: “He is already at the best club there is” | Feyenoord news

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Willem van Hanegem has his reservations about Steven Berghuis’s game at the Dutch team and at Feyenoord. Especially with the people of Rotterdam, Berghuis takes on too much hay. “His advantage is that he gets all the balls at Feyenoord. Not a good thing either.”

“Everyone wants to please him. He is the captain, he is the best player and so the ball goes to him. And that while he is not always in the best position. Against Bosnia he was too emphatically looking for a goal. And then it doesn’t work. He shouldn’t just be busy with: I have to, I have to, I have to. The Curve in conversation with RTV Rijnmond.

The transfer perils surrounding Berghuis also continue to disturb Van Hanegem. “He has received a great contract. He was out of the running in England for a while and now he is with Feyenoord. Feyenoord is happy with that, but he should also be happy with it. Also thanks to the club he joins the Dutch national team. And then don’t say that you can leave as long as the transfer window is still open. Then say: I want to leave, but no one is coming. Then you’re honest, don’t go bitching. What a great club for Berghuis? is already at the most beautiful club there is. “



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