Twice nothing after the throw with Sparta. The efficiency was lousy, coach Guľa despairs after the further loss of Pilsen

Dalibor luck, ČTK

“This is poor productivity for an offensive team. Each match had its own story. We pushed in Zlín, but we did not manage to find a place in the final phase. Dynam and I had a great chance, there was no peace. So when we look at our two matches, which came after a great performance with Sparta, they did not meet our expectations. We need to consolidate, stabilize performance and start earning points. The difference in Slavia is big, but the competition is long, “said Pilsen coach Adrian Guľa after the match in Budějovice.

Although his team created pressure in it, three big chances, sixteen corners, a lot of other standards. However, the profit is zero. “It simply came to our notice then. We had a lot of standards, unfortunately we did not get anything from them. I don’t think it’s just about the executors, but also about the timing of the start, the choice of location. About the ability to get the ball into the goal at any cost, “said Guľa.

Sterile Pilsen. The vice-champion did not score a goal for Budějovice either, he only takes a point

He especially regretted the beginning of the match, in which his team created a huge chance, when captain Brabec overshot from two meters. “It cost us the first fifteen minutes to win. If we got in the lead, we would play in peace. Then it happens that in the end, when you want to break the match on your side, you slip in front of the empty gate, “Guľa came across the opportunity of the Butcher, who did not finish due to stumbling.

Zmar Pilsen, Viktoria again without a win! Slovácko, Zlín and Příbram are celebrating their triumph

How do the West Czechs intend to break the shooting misery? “Hard work, perseverance. We have to find peace in the end, “added the Slovak coach, who considered a system for two attackers in the final phase of the match. He eventually resigned from him, sent Beauguel to the lawn for Ondrášek.” we offer them to him, “Guľa explained.

In Budějovice, he bet on the same basic line-up as in Zlín. Is it time for a change now? “It will be an open discussion. But I do not expect extreme changes. The boys did things solidly. We lacked a bit of luck, “added Guľa.



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