Top 10 midfielders in Premier League history

Several of the current footballers also joined the ten best midfielders who played in the Premier League. And also several coaches today. Choosing the best midfielder was incredibly difficult, who did we eventually put on the imaginary throne?

10. Yaya Touré

Only after the transfer from Barcelona to Manchester City did Yaya Touré fulfill its enormous potential. He became a symbol of the team, which, thanks to oil money, quickly became one of the best clubs on the planet.

9. Cesc Fabregas

Until recently, he played for Chelsea, and he was very successful there as well. Even more successful, however, was his engagement at Arsenal. There, at the beginning of his career, Fábregas really rolled and earned the coveted transfer to Barcelona.

A key figure in the Arsenal backup line.

8. David Beckham

Not only a mannequin and advertising icon, but also a fantastic football player with perhaps the most accurate centers in the world. At Manchester United, they admired his art until he headed to distribute football joy to Real Madrid.

Beckham and Manchester United, this connection just worked.

7. Kevin de Bruyne

Red-haired genius and master of assists. What would Pep Guardiola do without De Bruyne. After all, almost every chance of Manchester City goes through the Belgian chic.

6. David Silva

However, De Bruyne is not the only trump card of the Guardiola in the reserve line. For years, they were also David Silva, another phenomenal playmaker. With such an advance against the Citizens, opponents usually didn’t stand a chance.

5. Patrick Vieira

And now we move from football virtuosos to muscle and strength. Vieira stood in the ambush of Arsenal or later Manchester City like a rock from which most of the opponent’s actions bounced back. The Frenchman led Arsenal to the coveted title as captain.

Vieira was a cornerstone for coach Wenger.

4. Roy Keane

The Irish Stormtrooper used to be a tireless fighter you always wanted to have on your side. If not, he threatened to tear you apart like an angry dog. In addition to his huge physical pool, Keane also added an equally large chunk of football, making him a unique player.

3. Steven Gerrard

The man with the dynamite in his leg has become a symbol of Liverpool, probably no other Reds player can be proud of his legendary status as he is. After finishing his career, Gerrard continues as a coach, currently coaching the Glasgow Rangers. According to many, he will one day replace Jürgen Klopp at the Liverpool switch.

Gerrard remained loyal to Liverpool forever.

2. Frank Lampard

“Super Frankie” is again a legend and probably the biggest player in Chelsea’s history, for whom he scored countless goals and added clouds of assists. In addition, he now leads his beloved club from the position of manager.

Lampard returned to Chelsea as a coach at the end of his career.

1. Paul Scholes

Besides De Bruyne, another red-haired phenomenon in this ranking. Scholes has become a symbol of loyalty, his heart has always belonged and will continue to belong to Manchester United. The football knight was quite possibly the most important part of Sir Alex Ferguson’s team in the days of United’s greatest glory.

Paul Scholes, the best of the best?



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