Riga’s “Dynamo” wins Beijing’s Lunar Red Star in the last seconds

The victory was taken by Denis Parsins 11 seconds before the end of the overtime. Miks Indrašis scored two goals for the Rigans in the regular time, but Ondržejs Vitāseks and Pāvels Černovs stood out from time to time.

Richard Bucharest, who had not played Dinamo since January 2018, played his first match this season.

At the beginning of the match, the game went smoothly without interruptions, but the first goal was scored by the guests, in the ninth minute after a self-made attack, Vitāsek, assisted by Indrašis, came out. Eight minutes later, the “home team” in a quick attack destroyed the defense of the Rigans and Jake Chelios reached 1: 1.

Two minutes before the end of the first period, the Rigans returned to the lead in the defense zone after an opponent’s mistake. The successful match between Zek Mitchel and Jordan Murray was concluded by Indrašis with a flawless shot – 3: 1.

In the second half of the game, more attack and throws opponents into the goal, but “Dinamo” successfully defended, and increased their advantage. In the ninth minute of the period, after Paršina’s pass from the goal, Chernov accurately threw from an acute angle.

However, already in the second minute of the third period, Hunter Schinker was the first to hit the puck at Stanislav Galimov and realized the majority, reducing the majority of Rigans. Five minutes later, Schinker leveled the score with a strong hand.

In the second half of the period, the two teams exchanged two goals in the majority. Less than five and a half minutes before the end of the regular time, Indrašis regained the lead for the Rigans, assisting Michel in this goal gain, who blocked the view of the opponents’ goalkeeper. It wasn’t even half a minute before Tyler Von reached 4: 4.

The winners were not determined in the regular time, so the fight continued in the extension, which “Dinamo” started in the majority, but did not realize. The teams were close to continuing the fight in a series of post-match throws, but 11 seconds before the end of overtime, Parshin won with a throw-in in front of the goal – 5: 4.

The Rigans suffered losses in the first two games of this trip – 1: 6 against Moscow’s “Dynamo” and 1: 3 against Yaroslavl’s “Lokomotiv”. Prior to that, Dynamo won Beijing’s Red Star at home 5: 3 and ended a series of 14 lost games.

The Beijing team had a successful series with four wins in five games in October, but has now suffered eight losses in a row, the previous one on Saturday – 2: 5 against Kazan “Oh Bars”.

“Dinamo” with 12 points in 26 matches is the last among the 11 Western Conference teams, while “Kunmuun Red Star” with 13 points in 27 duels concludes the Eastern Conference table with 12 units.

In total, KHL’s two “Dinamo” teams have met ten times, of which the Rigans have won five. Last season, each team won.

The Riga unit went to Moscow on November 18 by tramp. The team led by Peter Skudra traveled on the route Moscow – Yaroslavl – Mitichici – Riga.

There were three goalkeepers, ten defenders and 17 attackers on the field. The team was not assisted in this away by goalkeeper Ilya Proskurjakov, who continues to regain his athletic form, but health problems have struck the striker Emil Gegger. Matthew Mayon, the defender, also remained in Riga.

Meanwhile, defender Miks Tumanovs and attackers Kārlis Bucenieks, Deniss Fyodorovs, Danila Larionovs, Gustavs Millers, Rūdolfs Polcss, Glebs Prohorenkovs and Patriks Zabusovs have returned to the Russian Youth Hockey League (MHL) unit “Rīga”.

Last season, “Dinamo” took the penultimate place in the Western Conference and in the entire league, not qualifying for the Gagarin Cup for the sixth year in a row.

The composition of Riga “Dinamo” in the fifth trip of the season:

goalkeepers – Stanislavs Galimovs, Reinis Liepins, Zeins Makintairs;

guards – Morgans Eliss, Jānis Jaks, Roberts Mamčičs, Jordans Murejs, Ernests Ošenieks, Rīss Skārlets, Kristaps Sotnieks, Tony Sunds, Ondržejs Vitāseks, Kristaps Zīle;

attackers – Daniels Bērziņš, Rihards Bukarts, Pāvels Černovs, Lauris Dārziņš, Mārtiņš Dzierkals, Jevgēņijs Gračovs, Konstantīns Komareks, Miks Indrašis, Dāvids Levins, Jaisis Lipons, Zeks Michels, Deniss Paršins, Gunārs Skvorcs Gleb Zirjanov.

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