Rayados could ‘rescue’ Javier ‘la Chofis’ López after scandal

Monterrey, NL /

Striped would join Mazatlan as interested teams to sign Javier ‘la Chofis’ López, despite the fact that he was implicated in the scandal starring Dieter Villalpando in Chivas.

The Chofis will leave the Guadalajara After what happened, and not only the Sinaloan group is interested, since according to the TUDN commentator, Enrique Bermudez, Monterrey it could be your destiny.

The 26-year-old midfielder debuted with Chivas in 2013, but it took him a long time to be a regular in the team, it was until 2016, but his level went down; Furthermore, it was criticized for its weight.

“My friends, I lived in Monterrey for a long time, I have several reporter friends, they say that the ‘Chofis’ could interest the Rayados de Monterrey,” he said. the dog.



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