From being seen out in mid-2019 to being world champion a year later

October 6, 2019. This could be one of the key dates and that possibly they have more marked the Girona pilot of KTM, Albert Arenas, who was proclaimed Moto3 champion yesterday. That day, he won the Thai Grand Prix and rumors ended that left him without a motorcycle for 2020. And is that 2019 was a difficult year for Arenas. Right at the start of the World Cup he suffered a fall on his bike while training and this led him to be two races away. When he came back, he didn’t get good results and that made him be on the tightrope, but everything changed in that race in Thailand, and that made him renew with the Aspar Team for this year, when he has been champion.

Albert Arenas (Girona, December 11, 1996) has always been a fan of motorcycles. From an early age, he had become acquainted with the world of minibikes (which he first tried in Pedret at the age of four at the hands of a friend of his father) and motocross, and in 2014 he was able to compete in his first Moto3 race. It was in the hands of the Spanish team Calvo, in the last test of the World Cup, at the Cheste circuit. In 2015, he did not compete in any race at the world championships, although he was runner-up in the Moto3 junior world championship, behind the Italian Nicolò Bulega. After this adventure at the CEV, Arenas made the final leap to Moto3. In 2016, he competed in a few races with the Mahindra Aspar Team as a guest driver, until Peugeot MC Saxprint signed him to compete in the last nine races of the year. After a 2017 learning with the same bike as the year before, in 2018 he faced his second year with the same team, which changed to KTM. In 2018, Arenas added his first victories in professional motorcycling, and did so on two legendary circuits such as Le Mans in France and Philip Island in Australia. Two victories that gave him morale to face the following year, when experts put him in the package of drivers for the title, but 2019 was not a great year. After the first race in Qatar he missed the next two due to an arm injury while training on a bicycle. When he returned, the results did not accompany him much, and is that after the first 14 races, he had only scored in 6 and had retired in 5, and that made the team consider not renewing it. But everything changed on October 6, 2019 when he got a major victory in Thailand, and that would make him renew with the team.

All this it meant a turning point for the future, in a 2020 in which he has been champion. A year marked by the pandemic in which he has achieved three victories – Qatar, Jerez and Austria – and has been, almost always – at least at the end of the race in Montmeló -, leader of the World Cup.



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