These four Barca players have signed new contracts, their salaries have been cut


The cut in salaries for Barcelona players is still continuing. There are four players who have agreed after signing a new contract. Anyone?

Barcelona has indeed experienced financial difficulties following the corona virus pandemic. The absence of ticket revenue and the sale of merchandise in official stores cost the club an estimated 97 million euros last season. That does not include debts of more than 500 million euros.

As a result, in order to balance the balance sheet, the club then cut wages of up to 70 percent until the end of last season. This tightening is still being carried out this season, when there have been cuts of around 10-20 percent.

It was reported that there were players who refused to cut the wages, including captain Lionel Messi. To note, Barcelona is the team with the highest salary bills in Europe, which is 500 million euros per year.

Therefore players with large salaries such as Luis Suarez, Arturo Vidal and Ivan Rakitic have been dumped. Not wanting to overhaul the team too much, Barcelona chose to rationalize salaries.

Good news for the Catalan club, as of Tuesday (20/10/2020), four senior players, namely Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Gerard Pique, Clement Lenglet, and Frenkie de Jong, agreed to sign a new contract.

The new contract includes a clause for a temporary pay cut in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. When the club’s financial condition has improved, their salaries will return to normal.

“The new contract includes a temporary salary adjustment due to current conditions as a result of the COVID-19 virus, including the crisis,” said an official Barcelona statement.

Ter Stegen signs the contract until 2025, Pique is tied until 2024, then Lenglet and De Jong are contracted until 2026.

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