The top 7 of the best players in the league? Journalist responds … and snubs Harden

Every season is a rendezvous between the biggest stars in the league, but sadly, it’s rare for everyone to be healthy. One journalist imagined a world where all the great players are in great shape, and determined the top 7 in his eyes.

Admit, we all dream of a full season where all the biggest superstars meet on the floors, without injuries. But in reality, it’s different: one year he misses Paul George, another he misses Kawhi Leonard, then it’s the turn of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, then from Stephen Curry… To believe that the big names will never be complete.

So reporters from NBC Sports Bay Area took to the idea of ​​making a ranking of the best players in the league, if everyone was in top form.And as local Bay Area reporters, attention shifts deals in particular with the stars of Golden State and therefore Steph Curry. Grant Liffmann posed the question to renowned insider Tom Haberstroh, and here is his response:

Luka Doncic, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis. Look at these names, it’s indecent. It’s like asking me to choose between my kids which one is my favorite? I think Stephen Curry – if he’s healthy – is top 3.

The 3-point shot, the handle. We know the power of Stephen Curry. What we do not know are the consequences his one year absence will have on his skills. I think he will be fine. He doesn’t bring as much defense (as some of the other guys). But when he’s healthy, I think he’s in the top 3 of the NBA players.

We have seen it in recent years, when the Chief has gleaned his 2 consecutive MVPs, including the first in history unanimously, he is able to put the NBA at his feet. But he is not the only one in this list to have managed the double, Giannis Antetokounmpo joined the club this season and LeBron James did it twice, with Cleveland then Miami.

Curry will make his comeback on the pitch next season, and he will once again be expected in the MVP race. The bookmakers have published their odds and these 7 names are among the favorites. To see which one is above the lot, it’s happening here.

Stephen Curry is arguably one of the greatest superstars in business today, and he is already a legend in the NBA. Is he one of the top 3 current players? The debate is completely open. On the other hand, James Harden will not be a fan of this list at all …