The first table for adapted basketball was held

In order to develop the activity, the Entre Ríos Basketball Federation (FBER) developed its first work table for adapted basketball. There was participation of provincial basketball authorities and the Sports Secretariat.

With the goal of improving conditions for people who play adaptive basketball, the FBER headed the first work table. In it, the provisions of the Argentine Confederation of this sport (CABB) were fulfilled, which includes within its organizational chart an area to improve the conditions of this branch of basketball players.

Different authorities of associative basketball and authorities of the Sports Secretariat of the provincial government participated in the meeting that had provincial scope. After the meeting, the president of FBER Julio Giménez made statements.

“The members of the Board of Directors are going to work in this area and we will surely decide to form the Adaptive Basketball Department within the FBER organization chart,” said the president-elect a few weeks ago, without providing many more specifications regarding how it will be done.

In Entre Ríos, adapted basketball includes various modalities for people with disabilities due to different pathologies. It exists on a wheelchair, for the blind and for the deaf and hard of hearing. All branches have adherents in the provincial territory.

Source: Press Secretary of Sports.