The difference between the city of Split and Zagreb, the location of the two Indonesian National Team TC – The Indonesian U19 National Team, directed by Shin Tae-yong, chose to continue the training center (TC) in Croatia.

However, the Indonesian U19 national team is not in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, anymore.

They moved to the city of Split which is about 340 kilometers from Zagreb.

The weather of Split City and Zagreb is quite different. This is because the location of the two TC Indonesian National Team is close to the beach.

The captain of the U19 national team, David Maulana, revealed the differences between the two cities.

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“After a month in the cities of Svati Martin na Muri and Zagreb we moved to Split,” said David Maulana as quoted by the official PSSI website.

“It’s warmer here and has a different atmosphere than the previous TC places.”

“On Saturday (3/10/2020) we received a training break from the coach, we took advantage of it by resting,” said the Indonesia U19 national team midfielder.

While in the city of Split, the Indonesian U19 national team will be encouraged by their physical problems.

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Coach Shin Tae-yong insisted he wanted to strengthen his muscles and power every Indonesian U19 national team player.

In addition, said Shin Tae-yong, the physical and stamina of the Indonesian U19 national team squad also need to be maintained regarding its consistency.

While in the City of Split, they will play six match matches.

“The plan here is that we will retry six times. PSSI will notify opponents later, so just wait,” said the assistant coach of the Indonesian U19 national team, Nova Arianto, as quoted by Antara. BolaSport.

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Meanwhile, Shin Tae-yong’s squad will also have Elkan Baggott who was not allowed by his club, Ipswich Town U18.

Even though he hasn’t joined Croatia, Elkan Baggott has received permission to join the Indonesian U19 national team.



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