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The controversial first name of Steve Kerr’s son

by archysport

Steve Kerr is an example when it comes to social engagement. Very present in the media, he never hesitates to attack Donald Trump for his comments xenophobics or simply racist. So inevitably, he found himself in turmoil when the fans discovered the name of his son… Suffice to say that it denotes with his usual good thought!

If NBA players have embarked on an intense social struggle after the murder of George Floyd by the police last May, Steve Kerr has been involved for much longer. From the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2016, the Warriors coach made his voice heard to criticize the racist and xenophobic comments of his president, as well as his sometimes dubious decisions.

If there is one man who cannot be accused of racism in any form, it’s Steve Kerr, and that’s what makes the name chosen for his son even more confusing. The former teammate of Michael Jordan is a model of living together, and yet he made a completely incomprehensible mistake in motherhood …

Indeed, young Kerr is called “Nick”. Not “Nicholas”, or “Nicky”, but “Nick Kerr”. And if you’re fluent in English, with a North American accent, the whole thing should sound familiar in your ears. Phonetically, we are getting closer than dangerously to the “n-word”, this word so taboo across the Atlantic …

So inevitably, when the Warriors communication team wanted to pay tribute to Nick for officiating his first match as a referee during the pre-season “scrimmages” of Golden State, the reactions of Internet users were relatively violent. So much so that the franchise had to delete the tweet in question. In contrast, the answers stuck, and many are hilarious.

The black kids in Nick Kerr’s class when the teacher spoke his name on the call.

The teacher during the call: Nick ………………………………… .. Kerr?

Can’t believe Steve Kerr was ill-intentioned when naming his son. But knowing the character, it is also incomprehensible that he never made the phonetic connection that poses so many problems.

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