NFL: hoy es el Thursday Night Football

The seventh week of the NFL begins today with the game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles on the Fox signal, starting at 6:20 in the afternoon, Ciudad Juárez time.

This is a game between two teams from the same conference: the NFC East, which is currently considered the worst in the entire league due to the division leader, the Dallas Cowboys, leading the way with a losing record of 2 games won by 4 lost.

The New York Giants come from beating another divisional rival, Washington Football Team, by just one point; this was the Giants’ first victory.

The Eagles arrive with results barely better than the New Yorkers, because they have in their record 1 game won, 1 draw and 4 losses.

To put things in the best perspective:

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 2 games won and 4 lost.

Philadelphia Eagles 1 game won, 1 draw and 4 lost.

New York Giants 1 game won, 5 lost.

Washington 1 game won and 5 lost.




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