NBA: who is Anthony Edwards, the top candidate for one in the Draft?

On November 18, in a totally atypical setting, the NBA Draft will be held. The Coronavirus pandemic and its impact throughout the world has made the process prior to the ceremony very different from normal and the 2020 litter is marked by confusion that indicates that there is probably a lot of uncertainty in their selections. However, the vast majority of specialty sites nominate Anthony Edwards for the top spot. But who is this young man?

He was born on August 5, 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia. Although his father was in the early years of his life, all of that changed as he grew up. The boy was raised by his mother Yvette and his grandmother Shirley until he was fourteen, when they both died within eight months from cancer. So his siblings became legal guardians and took care of him.

When it comes to strictly sports, Edwards began his childhood by getting involved in different disciplines. Mainly in football and basketball. He decided that the latter sport would be his at the age of ten. He went through Therrell High School and then Holy Spirit Preparatory School. There he established his style of play: the athletic potential as a way to dominate on offense, being a perimeter that normally subdues its defenders due to a question of size, speed and strength. His averages in the last year of high school were 29 points, 9 rebounds and 2 assists.

He agreed to commit to the University of Georgia, his home state, after being considered a five-star prospect. In 32 games, he recorded an average of 19.2 goals, 5.2 rebounds and 2.8 passes to consolidate his strengths and reveal some of his weaknesses.

If the Minnesota Timberwolves, the team that currently owns the first draft pick, chooses to choose the guard at that position, they should know that he is ready to join an NBA franchise from the start in terms of the physical impact that this transition. meant for NCAA players. He most likely won’t feel it and should spend his time working on his passing game and outside shooting, as he averaged 29.4% from 3-pointer.

At the same time, Edwards is presented as one of the most coveted projects for his status as a two-way player. That is to say, its ability to be decisive both in attack and defense. His impact is most noticeable on the offensive side, but he has the characteristics (physical prowess, lateral quickness, height and size) to progress even further as he copes with attackers in the league. That makes it a perfect fit for a midfield that already has the presence of a generator like D’Angelo Russell and needs that quota of power and physical toughness.




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