Michael Jordan was born in New York City in 1963, but spent his childhood and youth in Wilmington, North Carolina. Not far from Wilmington is Charlotte, which is why the basketball legend has always felt connected to the city. Among other things, he acquired the NBA team in Charlotte in 2006 under the then name Bobcats.

But Jordan is also involved in other ways in the city of around 840,000 inhabitants. Now the six-time NBA champion has already opened his second clinic there.

The now 57-year-old donated seven million US dollars three years ago to support the project. Novant Health’s Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic is designed to provide better access to medical services for people on low incomes and without health insurance in and around Charlotte.

“It makes me want to keep doing it”

In October 2019, the first clinic with the same name opened, which was also used as a test site in the spring, for example to combat the corona pandemic. It is gratifying how everything has developed since the previous year, said Jordan in a video for the opening of the second clinic. “It makes me want to keep doing it.”

Jordan, who is considered the best basketball player in history, made his breakthrough in the NBA in 1984. Already in his first season with the Chicago Bulls he indicated his incredible talent and almost became the top scorer of his team.

The great successes followed in the 1990s: Jordan, who attended college at the University of North Carolina, won a total of six championships with Chicago, plus gold at the Olympic Games in Barcelona with the so-called Dream Team, arguably the best US team to date. Team history.

After his resignation in 1998, a comeback followed three years later. Jordan joined the Washington Wizards. But there he could no longer build on his old successes.

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