Ligue 2: Laura, the goalscorer who wins Paris FC

It’s starting to get very serious for Paris FC. Winner for the 6th time in 8 days yesterday in Châteauroux (2-1), the leader of Ligue 2 is now five points ahead of a trio made up of Troyes, Niort and Caen (his next opponent). “We are not scheduled to be there but we will try to stay there for a long time because we are there. We’re not going to think we’ve arrived, it’s not the kind of house. Five points ahead, that gives us a little wild card “, relishes the coach René Girard who had said a few months ago” that bringing Paris FC to L1 would be even stronger than (his) title of champion of France with Montpellier (2012) ”… The immense challenge is underway.

“I have an exceptional group, a boy like Gaëtan Laura, it’s only happiness, continues Girard. It pleasantly surprises. The 25-year-old striker, who arrived in June from Quevilly RM (National) is the symbol of a recruitment carried out largely in the lower divisions, successful. Still decisive yesterday (a penalty caused and transformed, a goal against his side provoked, Laura (3 goals), monster of power and speed, is considered THE revelation of L2 at the start of the season by many observers. last week against Pau (1-0), he almost scored the goal of the year after a lonely 75-meter raid.

An atypical scorer – “He does not have the same codes as the others, he does not watch football,” explained Dramane Dillain, who relaunched him in Évreux (N3) in 2017-2018 (21 goals) -, and the dented course. After leaving the Lorient training center, he returned to the amateur hut (Saint-Lô, Évreux, reserve of Lens). “There were people who were part of the football world, agents, who disgusted me. I was betrayed. And I’m someone who doesn’t hesitate to say stop when things get drunk ”, Laura explained last March in the columns of Paris-Normandy (Editor’s note: he declined interviews since his arrival at the PFC).

Last year in Quevilly (11 goals in the National), coach Emmanuel Da Costa had succeeded in “taming” him and contributed to his takeoff. “He is a lively skinny who does not easily give his confidence,” says the current coach of SC Lyon. The potential was there but he had to learn to self-discipline, structure himself and master the codes of the high level. It was not easy at the start but he understood where I wanted to take him. I’m not surprised by what he shows with Paris FC. He’s very strong in one-on-one, he’s going very fast, he’s powerful. He has all the qualities to play very quickly in L1. “

If he continues, it could be next season with Paris FC …


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