‘Feyenoord is about to fall and Lawyer knows why’

Feyenoord already seems to be on the last legs, while the competition and the Europa League have only just started. For example, against RKC Waalwijk there was a laundry list of players who were removed as a precaution. Bart Nieuwkoop, Bryan Linssen and João Carlos Teixeira were prematurely replaced. It is striking that players who almost never played full matches now have to do so.

The Algemeen Dagblad found out that Teixeira, for example, played five full matches last season, not having completed 90 minutes in the years before. At Feyenoord he played against Sparta and Dinamo Zagreb twice ninety minutes in 4 days. Against RKC that turned out to be too much of a good thing, despite the fact that he was replaced as a precaution, the matches against Wolfsburger AC and FC Emmen do not seem feasible for the 27-year-old midfielder.

At Feyenoord, many players seem to be on their last legs. Dick Advocaat thinks he knows where it comes from. “In the preparation we trained with two groups. One with players who could play matches and one with boys who were on the way back or with whom we had to be very careful. The group that we really started working with conditionally was very small and they had to play everything right away. ”


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