Good “Guti”: The new BG playmaker Jorge Gutiérrez (center) at the cup opener in Vechta against Frankfurt’s Len Schoormann (6) and Matt Mobley.


The violets should not miss this great opportunity! On Saturday (8.30 p.m., MagentaSport live), the BG Göttingen will play their second game in the BBL Cup in Group B in Vechta against the hosts SC Rasta – in this game there may already be a preliminary decision about the group victory and thus the entry into the TOP FOUR in Munich, which was just moved because of the Corona cases at Alba Berlin?

With the eventual second victory, the chance of traveling to the Bavarian metropolis again in June after the final tournament of last season in Munich would be pretty good. Of course, there are also the Gießen 46ers ahead of them, against whom the Göttingen team will have to play again on Sunday in the late game (8.30 p.m., MagentaSport).

“That wasn’t great, but good,” said BG coach Roel Moors after the 79:64 last Sunday against Frankfurt. The Belgian will certainly know how to classify this success against the Hessians, who were not yet fully up to speed and will now have to compete in the state derby against Gießen on Saturday.

Vechta had his outstanding strength against Gießen in Philipp Herkenhoff and the Belgian newcomer Jean Salumu, who each got 20 points. But also the two new US boys Jordan Barnett (double-double with 17 points and 10 rebounds) and Will Vorhees (18) moved into focus. The Serbian Stefan Peno, who came from Berlin, knew how to please with six templates. The new Rasta coach Thomas Päch (most recently Bonn) knows Peno from his time as assistant coach under boss Aito Reneses at Alba. Vechta’s rebound ratio against Gießen was starkly different: 43:22. Noteworthy are the 14 offensive ricochets collected by the Rasta men.

At Gießen, after the departure of the center giant John Bryant, everything revolves around the former short-term BGer and current captain Brandon Thomas. The 36-year-old played against Vechta for 38 minutes and scored 19 points. The new Americans Liam O’Reilly (16) and Andrew Rowsey (14) as well as Johannes Richter (12) also scored double digits. The “run and gun” style (running and shooting / throwing) has not changed much under coach Ingo Freyer. BG assistant coach Thomas Crab: “Against Gießen, it will be a key to control the speed. If we play like we did against Frankfurt, we have a good chance. ”That’s what all BG fans hope for in front of the TV.

3 p.m .: Oldenburg – Braunschweig, Frankfurt – Gießen, Würzburg – Bamberg. 6 p.m .: MBC – Bayreuth. 8.30 p.m .: Vechta – Göttingen, Ulm – Ludwigsburg.

1 p.m .: Bayreuth – Crailsheim. 3 p.m .: Ulm – Würzburg, Vechta – Frankfurt, Bonn – Braunschweig. 6 p.m .: MBC – Munich. 8.30 p.m .: Gießen – Göttingen, Bamberg – Ludwigsburg. Monday, October 26th, 8.30 p.m .: Crailsheim – Munich.

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