Basketball: the NBA is looking for an Argentine jewel

Leandro Bolmaro, the 19-year-old promising young Argentine, could go on to play in the NBA as he is targeted by several franchises to be chosen in the next draft.

The 2.05-meter-tall Cordovan is currently playing in Barcelona, ​​where he renewed his contract, but on November 18 the draft of the most famous league in the world will be held and he is one of those targeted.

This is a raffle where franchises can choose to incorporate young university students or international promises to their lines. It is here where the name of Argentine guard Leandro Bolmaro appears as one of the main ambitions of great franchises, such as the Boston Celtics or Golden State.

With a great performance competing in one of the most important teams in Europe and with a great projection ahead, Bolmaro has a chance of being chosen in the first round of selection since he is on the list of 23 of the 30 teams that make up the NBA .