Finals MVP, LeBron James was incredible in the title won by the Los Angeles Lakers. At 35, the King still impressed his world with a very high level of play. However, in this Playoffs campaign, the winger was not necessarily always the best player of his team. Many times, Anthony Davis was the strong man of the Angelenos. But at the leadership level, LBJ remained the boss. And yet, internally, the former Cleveland Cavaliers has already taken a step back to leave the leading role to his teammate.

“If I believe my teammates when they say I’m the best player in the world ahead of LeBron? It’s going to take a few titles, a few MVP trophies, a signature shoe and… (laughs).

But it will come with time. As LeBron told me, ‘this is your team, this is your time. It’s good for me. If I retire today, everything will be fine, ”Anthony Davis told ESPN.

Anthony Davis will stay with the Lakers, but with what contract?

This is one of the strengths of this duo. Between them there is no jealousy. LeBron James is ready to let Anthony Davis shine. And for its part, the interior wants to learn alongside it. On the other hand, it still seems too early to say that AD is the leader of this team. In fact, the King still seems to have the controls at the Lakers …

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