Alicante embittered the premiere of Bsquet Girona in the LEB Or

He Girona basketball you know the bread that is given to LEB Or. The people of Girona have lost to Fontajau in his debut in the category against an Alicante, intense and full of experienced players, who has almost always been ahead (with maximums of 12 points in the second quarter) and who did not get nervous when the Girona, defending well and with a good basketball, have traced back to a tight end. A triple by Albert Sàbat half a minute to finish seemed to leave room to adorn the comeback with a victory (77-79), but between Galan and Llompart they have just tied the game for the visitors in front of some 700 spectators in Fontajau, including club president Marc Gasol (77-83).

The staging of the match has been a practical lesson from Alicante on what the LEB Or is. Girona have found a very intense team behind and full, very full, of players with a service sheet loaded with hours and more hours in the category. Pedro Llompart, Txemi Urtasun, or the American Justin Pitts, with the help of very physical interiors, have suddenly awakened in Bàsquet Girona the sweet dream of a pre-season with five victories in five days.

The Girona team was just entering the track and Llompart had already scored nine points: 6-15. And after Llompart, it was the turn of Urtasun who, already in the second quarter, put Alicante for the first time with more than 10 margin on the scoreboard. A 19-33 that, shortly after, has become with a Pitts triple in what would be the maximum difference of the visitors in the whole match: 21-33. Twelve points that seemed to foreshadow a tough Girona debut in the category. And here the character has appeared. First is that of Àlex Llorca, who, with five points in a row, has put pressure on the moment of anguish in which Carles Marco’s team lived. And, from that moment on, sticking more in defense to be able to run Bàsquet Girona has been turning the game around to get ahead with a basketball after a recovered ball from Gerard Sevillano (40-39). At the break, Alicante won 42-44, thanks to a triple by Justin Pitts (14 points at halftime), but the defeat by only two points was great news for Bàsquet Girona after how the match had started.

The effort not to leave the game had left Girona with the bill of the three of Rozitis before the break and, only to start the third quarter, the third of Schaftenaar was also added. Alicante did not try to take advantage by entering more balls inside, the physicists Zohore and Gjuroski, but it was again the veteran Urtasun who opened a little hole with a triple (44-51). It was another moment for people of character and here Logan, debuting in the category, has shown with five points in a row or one of the mainstays of the locker room, Gerard Sevillano, with two consecutive baskets and throwing himself on the ground in a penultimate defense Girona of the quarter that ended with Alicante running out of possession. It looked like 58-60 would be a good way to end the third quarter, but Justin Pitts, again Pitts, nailed a triple from his court in the final second. Five points below and a quarter to play.

Five points that, suddenly, were wiped out just five minutes before the end with a triple by Schatenaar and a basketball, already usual, by Sevillano after a recovered ball (68-68). Girona had problems stopping Pitts, six points in a row (73-76), but the American’s fifth foul was a kick for Alicante less than three minutes. With experience to give and to sell, the team coached by former baseman Pedro Rivero has often sought to go to the free throw line to keep adding. With 74-79, after a basketball by Gjuroski, it has been the gateway to a few moments of nerves, errors and two fouls in attack (one by Busquets and the next by Galán), which have not allowed the scoreboard to move. to the stratospheric triple receiving and pulling Albet Sabbath 40 seconds from the end: 77-79. A face-off or cross that fell on the side of Alicante with a basketball from Galán after an assist from Llompart (77-81 which would end up being 77-83 with two more free throws from Llompart at the end).