Again ! Andy Najar entered change and in four minutes on the court he was injured – Ten

What a misfortune! Andy Najar he was injured again. When the player was on the rise, he could not hold on this Sunday and just in four minutes on the field, he broke. Incredibly, he had started the game on the bench, but a teammate had broken and had to replace it, but his physique did not give more.

The Honduran player was waiting his turn in the game of Los Angeles FC versus Seattle Sounders for the MLS when starting the game, in minute 6, the starting right-back, Kayé, left the field injured; Najar entered the field to supply him.


But in the first action, the catracho fell, could not stand and injured his hamstring; At 12 minutes he was already leaving supported by the club’s medical staff, leaving bad feelings, as he has not yet managed to get a position with the Los Angeles team.


When he was booked by Los Angeles FCNajar was coming off a cruciate ligament injury that kept him off the court for nearly a year. Before this, in Belgium he had spent the last two intermittent years with the same physical problems.

Coach Bob Bradley from the California team had mentioned that he was going to take the Honduran little by little, he was not going to load him to recover 100%, but this is already his second injury he suffers in six months that he has been with the MLS team .



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