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ALREADY 24 years Juventus did not win the Champions League. The last time Juventus won the Champions League was in 1995-1996 after beating Ajax Amsterdam in the top party.

However, 2020-2021 is predicted to be the moment for Juventus to end the drought for the Champions League trophy. What are the reasons?

Here are 3 reasons why Juventus won the Champions League 2020-2021:

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

It has been two years since Cristiano Ronaldo wore Juventus uniform. The existence of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has experienced winning five Champions League trophies, has not had a big effect. In two seasons defending Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo only brought the Bianconeri to qualify for the quarter-finals (2018-2019) and the last 16 (2019-2020).

The failure in those two seasons made Cristiano Ronaldo predicted to try to bring Juventus to win the Champions League this season. Because, if not this season, when? Next year, Ronaldo will be 36 years old, which is no longer the ideal age for a professional footballer.

Therefore, while still capable, Ronaldo will appear all-out. Cristiano Ronaldo has already signaled that the craze will go crazy this season by scoring three goals in the first two matches of the Italian League 2020-2021.

2. Encouragement of Other Italian Clubs

(Inter Milan ready to be victorious this season)

Inter Milan and Atalanta are predicted to go crazy in the 2020-2021 Champions League. They have shown signs that Inter and Atalanta will be victorious in the first two matches of the Italian League 2020-2021, in which they both won.

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Therefore, Juventus do not want to be constantly labeled as the champion at home. The dominance in Italy in the last nine seasons, Juventus try to continue in another, more prestigious event, namely the Champions League.

1. Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo

It is true that the coach Pirlo lacks experience, which has never handled any club. However, that doesn’t mean Pirlo can be underestimated. Take for example when Barcelona appointed Josep Guardiola as their coach in 2008-2009.

At that time, Guardiola, who had no experience in handling professional clubs, led Barcelona to win the Champions League in his first season as coach.

Guardiola’s success led Barcelona to become champions because while active as a player, he had once won the Big Ear trophy. The same is felt by Pirlo, who brought AC Milan to win the Champions League twice in his capacity as a player.


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