Tyronn Lue visited the Sixers facilities

The Philadelphia Inquirer was right, Tyronn Lue did meet the leaders of the Sixers on Tuesday. He even got a tour of the franchise facilities on the Camden side, and according to the daily, the former Cavaliers coach and current Clippers assistant is really keen to land the job. He thinks he is the man for the job to get the best of this group, except that he would only be the Plan B of the Sixers who prefer Mike D’Antoni. Not to mention that now there is Doc Rivers on the market.

The daily reports that the Sixers have already spoken to agents of Doc Rivers, but the latter is reluctant to coach next season, and Philly, ideally, would like to appoint his coach this week.

As for Tyronn Lue, he has not finished dates. Thus, on his return to Los Angeles, he will receive Friday the visit of representatives of the Pelicans who are looking for a replacement for Alvin Gentry. Like the Sixers, the New Orleans franchise has already contacted Camp Rivers.

Finally, next week, Tyronn Lue will meet the Rockets who do not seem in a hurry to find a replacement for Mike D’Antoni. Not to mention that the Clippers asked him if he was interested in taking over from Doc Rivers. As the two men are very close, Steve Ballmer preferred to ask him the question.

With four out of six franchises interested in him, Tyronn Lue has a good chance of regaining a position of “head coach” next season.


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