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Mesi openly comments on the reasons why he decided to stay in “Barcelona” – Football – Apollo.lv – Sports

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Football superstar Mesi has decided to spend another season with the Barcelona team, putting an end to speculation as to which club he could join this season.

At the end of August, the fair informed the management of the Barcelona club about the desire to leave the title-rich Spanish team, but now the Argentine footballer has changed his mind. The footballer’s family did not want to leave Barcelona very much.

“It was a brutal drama when I was communicating with my wife and children about wanting to leave Barcelona,” the goal portal quotes Messi as saying. “The whole family started crying. My kids didn’t want to leave Barcelona and change schools.”

The fair has a contract with the Barcelona team until the end of next season. The contract provides for a € 700 million buy-out that no other football club in the world is likely to be able to afford.

The agreement stipulates that at the end of the season, Messi can leave Barcelona without a contract ransom, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this season ended later. In order to leave the club without compensation, Messi’s decision to leave had to be announced by June 10.

“I thought and I was sure I could leave free of charge. At least that’s what the club president always said. [Hoseps Marija Bartomeu]that after the end of each season I can decide whether to stay or not, “said Messi.

“Now they stick to the fact that I didn’t announce my decision before June 10, even though we were fighting in La Liga at the time.” [Spānijas čempionātā], because the terrible coronavirus changed the season, “said the footballer.

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“So I will continue to represent the club, because the president said that the only way I can leave the team is to pay a ransom of 700 million euros, but it is impossible,” Mesi added.

The Argentine footballer said that he could sue the Barcelona club, but he did not want to do so. The fair joined the Barcelona Club’s youth system in 2000 at the age of 13.

“There was another way to sue. I would never sue Barcelona. It’s a club I love. It’s the club of my life, I’ve created my life here. It’s given me everything since I came here,” Messi said.

“I love Barcelona. I won’t find a better place anywhere else, but I have the right to decide. I was ready to look for new goals and new challenges. And I knew I could come back tomorrow because I have everything here in Barcelona.”

Mesi, 33, said he had many offers to leave Barcelona and gamble for even more money, but he has always remained loyal to the Spanish club, which helped him treat growth hormone deficiency as a child.

“Every year I could go away and make more money than in Barcelona. I’ve always said that my home was here – it was and still is my feeling. Deciding that it would be better elsewhere was a difficult decision. I needed a change.”

The fair admitted that he has not felt happy at the Barcelona club lately. With his football career coming to an end, he wanted a change.

“I wanted to leave because I’m thinking about the last years of my football life, which I want to spend happily. I haven’t felt happy at this club lately,” said Messi.

The fair has been named the best footballer of the year six times, triumphed in the Spanish championship ten times and helped Barcelona triumph in the UEFA Champions League four times.

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In Barcelona, ​​Messi has played 730 games, the Argentine is the best goal scorer in the history of the club with 634 accurate shots. He helped the club win a total of 33 different trophies.

Foreign media have repeatedly reported that Messi had planned to move to the English Premier League club “Manchester” in Manchester, the head coach of which is the Spaniard Peps Guardiola. He previously managed the “Barcelona” represented by Messi in his career.

However, for at least another 10 months, Messi will represent the Barcelona team. Will he leave the Spanish club next June? Time will tell. The Argentine has a contract with the team until June 30, 2021.

As you know, in 2018, the Portuguese grand Madrid “Real” unexpectedly left the Portuguese star Christian Ronaldo, who moved to the Italian club “Juventus” in Turin. He was paid 100 million euros for his move.

There have also been reports in the foreign press that Messi could move to the Italian club “Inter” in Milan or the French grand “Saint-Germain” in Paris (PSG).


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