Malaika Mihambo’s sports project: long jumper with heart

Sporty Barbie: Malaika Mihambo with a Barbie doll based on her model – an athlete in the national jersey.
Image: dpa

While the sport was dormant due to corona, Malaika Mihambo founded a sports project for children. The world champion interprets her prominent role as a top athlete as a commitment to commitment.

“We caught the idea of ​​a social project,” says Malaika Mihambo. For the world and European champion in the long jump, her prominent role as a successful top athlete is an obligation to social commitment. She sees herself as a role model, she knows that children and young people in particular look up to her.

For a long time she was involved in the “Starkmacher” association in Heidelberg, which aims to make children aware of their strengths through sport. A year ago she returned to her former elementary school in Oftersheim near Heidelberg to create a sports club. Physical education, she is convinced, is simply not enough for children’s urge to move. When the lockdown came due to the corona pandemic, the school and sports hall were closed and many children felt locked in at home, Malaika Mihambo invited the girls and boys to join her in the living room of her student apartment – every day.




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