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Solskjaer offers Man Utd transfer update

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer offered an update on the club’s transfer business, telling BBC Radio 5 Live: “We are always looking to see if there is a possible way to improve this team and bring in players who will have the right level, quality, personality and fits all criteria.

“This summer and this year has been strange and it is very important that everyone understands that this has an effect on football. Not everyone can spend millions and millions.

“I’ve never set myself a goal, like scoring 20 goals as a player. You just have to go day by day, making sure you grow and improve.

“We have a vision of where we want to go, but we know that a lot of things can go on the road. I believe in seeing how the team and the club develop.

“We are developing the team, a year or so in our rebuilding. We had to make some decisions last summer and throughout the season we have seen how this team is improving and getting used to each other.

“I’d rather be optimistic and be wrong than be pessimistic and be right. I thought we would qualify for the Champions League, but I was also hoping for a trophy along the way.”

“It is never easy to have too many new players on the team, it takes time for the players to develop into a unit. We have seen some clubs looking for the quick fix and some are confident in the process.

“We have to improve and get results but adding players with different qualities from ours.”

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