Indra Sjafri Ensures Elkan Baggott joins TC Indonesian U19 national team in Croatia – Elkan Baggott will certainly follow his Indonesian U19 national team team-mates in Croatia to attend the training camp (TC).

This was conveyed directly by the Technical Director of PSSI, Indra Sjafri, Tuesday (2/9/2020).

Elkan Baggott is one of the 28 names called by Shin Tae-yong to follow TC to Croatia.

The doorstop for the Ipswich Town U19 club has participated in TC in Jakarta in early August 2020.

However, Baggott was unable to follow the U19 national team TC to Croatia at the end of last August.

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This is because he has to return to his club to undergo pre-season preparations.

Even Elkan Baggott also strengthened Ipswich Town U-23 against Felicstowe & Walton United in a friendly match, Tuesday (1/9/2020).

Even so, Indra Sjafri confirmed that Baggott would join Bagas Kaffa and his friends who are currently undergoing TC in Croatia.

The former coach of the Indonesian U-23 national team admitted that he was still waiting for a reply from Ipswich Town, but Indra Sjafri said that he would join soon.

“Until now, Elkan Baggott has not joined the national team,” said Indra Sjafri as quoted from

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“But, surely he will join. If indeed there is a reply letter that has been received by PSSI, we will notify you,” he said.

Currently, there are only 27 players who are directly led by Shin Tae-yong.

The Indonesian U-19 national team underwent TC in Croatia for one month and they were scheduled to face a mini tournament against the hosts Croatia, Saudi Arabia and Bulgaria.

Not only that, Garuda Muda will also continue trials against two countries and one club in Croatia.

The two countries are Qatar and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Meanwhile, one club is the Croatian league giants Dinamo Zagreb.

The plan, the trials against the two countries and one club are planned to be held after participating in the tournament held by the Croatian Football Federation (HNS).

The participation of the U19 national team in the International U19 Friendly Tournament is none other than preparation for appearing in the 2020 AFC U19 Cup in Uzbekistan.
Garuda Muda will play in the AFC U19 Cup in Uzbekistan in October.

In addition, the Indonesian U19 national team is also being prepared for the 2021 U20 World Cup, in Indonesia.

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