Colo Colo breaks biosecurity protocol in Copa Libertadores

According to photos circulating on social networks, members of the southern squad received visitors at their concentration hotel and they traveled through some areas where they would have had contact with other people before the engagement.

Peñarol representatives who became aware of said activities announced an official complaint to the South American Confederation, Conmebol, which could lead to fines and even loss of points, reported Radio Biobío From Chile.

For its part, the newspaper Digital Ovation of Uruguay added that the matter is in charge of the Uruguayan Federation and that the infraction would have to do with the biosafety protocol avoid contact with people outside of each delegation.

The duel between Peñarol and Colo Colo, valid for the fifth date of group C of the Liberators cup, It was scheduled for this Tuesday, September 29 at 5:15 pm, Colombian time, in Montevideo, a city where the Chilean squad arrived 2 days in advance.

The regulations are focused on avoiding cases such as those presented in Junior from Barranquilla, who presented 2 infected by coronavirus before their home match against Barcelona of Ecuador, stipulated for this September 30 and valid for group A.



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