5 alternative MOBA games when you are tired of playing Mobile Legends

KONTAN.CO.ID – Are you bored playing Mobile Legends? Try this MOBA game as fun as Mobile Legends, you know. Here are 5 alternative MOBA games when you are bored playing Mobile Legends.

MOBA games are still favorites gamers out there including Indonesia. You can enjoy the exciting experience of testing teamwork through games with the MOBA genre such as Mobile Legends.

As additional information, MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Namely an online game that invites players to fight in an arena and test teamwork.

At certain times, you may feel bored playing Mobile Legends. Regardless because of the red report cards due to continuous losses or other reasons, you can try a similar game that is no less exciting.

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Here are 5 alternative MOBA games when you are tired of playing Mobile Legends:

5. Onmyoji Arena

Talking about MOBA games, Onmyoji Arena offers a game that is no less exciting than Mobile Legends. The difference is that you will play with heroes or characters from a game called Onmyoji.

That’s right, the Onmyoji Arena is indeed spin-off from the RPG game titled Onmyoji. The hero you play is adapted from ghosts from Japan. He cried again, in this game you can use InuYasha anime characters, you know. There are also various skins that you can collect to enhance your character.

4. Extra Ordinary Ones

For you anime lovers, Extra Ordinary Ones is a fun alternative to MOBA games that must be tried. How not, the characters in this game carry anime-style visuals, you know.

No need to worry about adapting, because the basic mechanism is similar to Mobile Legends or similar games. Hurry up and try it, you can collect heroes and various cool skins, you know.


Make no mistake, Indonesia also has exciting MOBA games that you can try. LOKAPALA, this game was created by local studio Anantarupa Studios.

The cool thing is, LOKAPALA is inspired by Indonesian culture, history and original mythology. Don’t be surprised you will find heroes (Ksatriya) who are inspired by Indonesian stories and mythology.

It has been released, you can play LOKAPALA via your favorite Android phone.

2. Marvel Super War

Superheroes and Supervillains from the Marvel universe also fight in the MOBA game arena. Through Marvel Super War, you can play a variety of your favorite Marvel characters.

Isn’t it exciting? Of course it’s fun, even you can feel what it’s like to be the king of Wakanda, Black Panther.

It has been released, you can play Marvel Super War via your favorite Android and iOS cellphones.

1. Arena of Valor

The first position is occupied by Arena of Valor because it used to be the main rival of Mobile Legends. Unfortunately, AoV’s popularity is slowly starting to fade.

But that’s okay, you can still enjoy the excitement of AoV when you are bored with Mobile Legends. The graphics also look great, he even exclaimed some time ago when he collaborated with the anime Sword Art Online.

There are special skins for Kirito and Asuna characters that you can buy. Still fun to play, AoV can be downloaded via Playstore for Android users and Appstore via iPhone.

This is an alternative MOBA game when you are tired of playing Mobile Legends. It’s no less exciting, guys!