Urruti and Irribarria remain in four

Artola and Rezusta, solo leaders thanks to their merciless 4-22 victory yesterday at the Aritzbatalde in Zarautz, deepen the sense of helplessness of Urrutikoetxea and Irribarria at the CaixaBank Masters. This result is the largest of those that have been registered so far in the competition. There is no way the forward pair will win a match. Eight days, eight defeats. Not by land, not by sea, not by air. Pass word.

Their performances follow the same pattern. Irribarria starts off intense, he touches the rival defender, gives the impression that he can stand up … but the illusion does not last long. Two from the right to the top mattress, one from the left to the bottom, another left-foot player too high, a couple of errors by Urrutikoetxea when entering the air … and goodbye.

A wild ball came into play that someone could imagine advantageous for a puncher of the stature of Irribarria. Well, no. Better for Artola and Rezusta, who are not short of losing either. One of less shot to find solutions. It didn’t work either. Impossible.

The couple of the last two finalists of the Manomanista does not march. In large part because of his performance on the court, individually and collectively. But also because those who designed it have not been right. At the moment Irribarria lacks the poise and security necessary to function behind. Urrutikoetxea, who has not quite caught the tone as a forward, is far from being the partner who can guide him to victory. If they also make three or four misunderstandings in each game, white and in the bottle.

As painful as staying in four is not adding any homegrown goals. Three errors by Artola in the shot and a left-footed shot above Rezusta in his only failure were the only joys of the colorados throughout the afternoon.

Artola and Rezusta they withstood the initial onslaught of Irribarria, they opened the gap 2-11 with a shooting ball and found their way free from obstacles from 4-12 to sign a shot of ten goals in which the accurate plays of Alegia’s forward and the desperation of the left-handed Arama, resigned to his fate.

Beñat Rezusta was once again a pneumatic hammer that was nailed again and again in the spirits of his two opponents. He signed his longest left foot at 3-12. She would have bounced in the eighth if Irribarria’s failed volley had not been mediated.

Triumph in the opening act for Egiguren V and a notable Galarza

The pitchers who attended the Zarautz fronton – barely 150 spectators, far from the figures that were handled in the Madalensoro in Oiartzun – enjoyed more with an opening act well played by the four protagonists than with the star. Egiguren V and Ladis Galarza surprised Peña II 17-22, who missed key balls from 13-10, and Larunbe after 74 minutes of intense fighting.

The two defenders were very good, especially a Ladis Galarza for whom there was no bad ball yesterday. Julen Egiguren kept the stature in a demanding combination. The material of the meeting was rather low.




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