The dull Baník was saved from the defeat by the debutant Chvěja. Start with a goal, that’s my dream, he admitted

Vladimir Prycek, ČTK

“An unfortunate moment. Such a goal will freeze, “Dynamo coach David Horejš regretted.” We gave a very good and daring performance, we didn’t let Baník do anything and we could have had three points. But it’s a plus point. We played a great match, “he added.

Home coach Luboš Kozel found it very difficult to find positives. “Perhaps it’s just that the players have taken turns,” he sighed. “When I see the players in training, I’m looking forward to making the fans happy. Instead, there will be absolutely unexplained performance and mistakes from players who don’t often see it,” he pointed. on the roughs of experienced János or Stronati’s coach Kozel. “It was the worst half I’ve been in Baník. After our unnecessary mistakes, the opponent had three shooting chances, he scored two goals. The penalty saved us, “he said angrily.

Fog from pyrotechnics, from left Roman Potočný from Ostrava and Jiří Kladrubský from České Budějovice.

Vladimir Prycek, ČTK

His team rose in the second half. “We performed much better in it and went for a balance. We could have turned the match around, but given the first half, it wouldn’t be fair. However, a draw is not enough for us, “Kozel admitted.

The miner collapsed and the fans whistled. In the end, thanks to a happy run, he made a point

The guests led 2: 0 thanks to the header of Pavel Šulc and the first league goal of Lukáš Matějka. “Together with Brandner, they showed above-standard performance. Horejš praised how well they are young, “he was praised. He was also enthusiastic about the contribution of Lukáš Havelka, who returned to České Budějovice from Sparta in a week.

“She fit in perfectly. He was one of the reinforcements sought, and in the match he showed why we cared so much for him. In the end, he was running out of energy, but it’s understandable, because he didn’t play much in Sparta. But I have to praise the whole team. The new players fell in and I didn’t see the mistakes we made against Slavia this time, “Horejš smiled.

Roman Potočný from Ostrava is rejoicing at the goal.

Vladimir Prycek, ČTK

Baník returned to the game at the end of the half from the penalty Potočný, the second draw in a row was saved by the alternating Chvěja. “I really wanted to start in the league with a goal scored. I dreamed of this, “rejoiced at the 22-year-old footballer, who tried unsuccessfully to save Vítkovice in the second league on the same turf in the spring.

“I still wished I could play for Banik here. Even in Vítkovice, I fought to ensure that the Bank no longer sent me to host. It’s great to play in front of these fans and be back here again, “smirked the league debutant.



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