Peio de Vega takes the reins of Kaiku after the dismissal of Carlos Rodríguez

Kaiku has no choice but to appeal to epic if he wants to remain among the greats of rowing. The sestaotarras occupy the red lantern of the Eusko Label Liga with a disadvantage of 11 points over Ares, a boat that is currently in the play-off zone of permanence with six days remaining for the cut to take place. The dynamics of the ‘Bizkaitarra’ began to be worrying and the directive chaired by Amador Antón has decided to burn all the ships in search of a rudder that works the miracle. And as usual in these cases he has opted for the change of coach.

Until now coach Carlos Rodríguez, who last season played a great role with the green and black, has been dismissed and his position will be filled by the historic proel of the house, Peio de Vega. In fact, although this Monday was a day of rest for the Kaikutarra rowers, the new coach was in the pavilion in the afternoon “to see the drift boat, the measurements and adjust the settings,” he said. There is no time to lose. «I face the challenge with enthusiasm and convinced that I can contribute things to change the dynamics. Although it is complicated, I hope it is not too late ”, assured De Vega that, after the 2017 season in which he trained Portugalete, he has stayed away from the Arraunlari foreground.

The injuries and the composition of the squad, with many rowers from outside, made winter training difficult in the water of the Sestaotarras and when they were going to intensify this section, the confinement due to Covid-19 arrived «And all this has penalized us more than the rest», said the technician until now, Carlos Rodríguez. The bad start in Galicia –the last day on the first day and the ninth day on the second– was followed by two other disheartening results in San Sebastián and Zierbena that generated numerous doubts.

The changes seeking to lighten the boat in some regattas such as last Saturday in Hondarribia have not worked either and, at times, the team has given the feeling of being sunk. «We have to change the dynamics and go Race by race because if we look at the classification we don’t find anything good and we have to hold on to the positive things, “said De Vega. The first of the remaining six finals will arrive at the Ikurriña de Zarautz at the weekend, which as always will be played in a double round. “We are going to try to clear the mind and get fresh to an ideal setting to begin to go back”he pointed.

To avoid a direct descent and get the prize of playing the permanence play-off as a lesser evil, Kaiku must cut an average of two points per race from Ares. «You have to go for every day and die fighting. We’re not going to lower our arms, ”he announced. Peio de Vega, who lived moments of glory as a rower of the ‘Bizkaitarra’ in the eighties, has also directed crews such as Deusto, Arkote and Lutxana.




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