MLB: Ambidextrous Pat Venditte Makes His Debut This Season and Wreaks Havoc with Batters | AL BAT

MLB: Ambidextrous Pat Venditte makes his debut this season and wreaks havoc with hitters

| A.P.

The 2020 season of Major League Baseball in itself is very rare due to the context in which it takes place, during the games things also happen that have been very rare: Games postponed by drones, inexplicable fielding errors, 7-inning matches; And to put the icing on the cake, “Octopus” Pat Venditte has already made his MLB debut.

Pat Venditte, the only ambidextrous pitcher in modern Major League Baseball history who caused a rule change just for himself, made his 2020 debut with the Miami Marlins, causing ruckus among the batters of the New York Mets, who they did not see the ball from the left or the right

Venditte didn’t hit an unstoppable inning in a pitched inning, he got clean and hit two batters, but despite that he left us some nastys pitches that caused a lot of doubt in the Mets batters.




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