ESL boss Reichert in an interview: “The problem is physics”

Values ​​such as team spirit, fair play and passion should also count on the console.
Image: dpa

In the interview Ralf Reichert, the head of the Electronic Sports League, talks about the boundaries between sport and “e-sport” – and reveals why football is more popular in the stadium than on the console.

Mr. Reichert, where do you draw the line between sport and entertainment?

Every sport is entertainment somewhere. There is entertainment without competition, but there is no sport without competition. Therefore, the overlap is definitely very large. But it’s not the same.

And where is the line between sport and “e-sport”?

It’s super simple for me. “E-Sport” is any competition that takes place on a computer or console. Classic sport is the sport that ends up doing without. Everything else is very similar, especially when we talk about team spirit, fairness, communication, nutrition or even exercise. We are primarily interested in these similarities.



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