The Manchester United 2020-21 kit: new home and away jersey styles and release dates

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The new Red Devils jerseys stick to the classic red design of their home kit, with their away and third party kits taking a bold direction

Manchester United are hoping to show off their brand new Adidas jerseys in the Champions League next season as they set themselves one of the top four Premier League positions in this campaign.

Objective has the latest information on Red Devils 2020-21 shirts – at home, away and third – as well as when they should have been released in full and more.

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Man Utd 2020-21 home kit

The new Red Devils home kit under Adidas has yet to be revealed, although the leaks circulating online have hinted that it will not be much different from the 2017-18 edition with the red mark – but with some added accents.

It’s mostly all red except for the typical white Adidas stripes on the shoulders, along with the black and yellow stripes.

The Man Utd home kit is expected to be released in late July.

Man kit of 2020-21 of Man Utd and release date

Losses suggested that the Manchester club away kit will be dark black or green in color, with a subtle pattern throughout.

They speculated that the crest-like model on the kit is a subtle nod to the cover of the iconic Manchester Joy Division album “Unknown Pleasures”.

Obviously, at this point it’s all conjecture, but the away kit could be a tribute to the pulsating waves on the album cover as it is one of the most recognizable pieces of art in the history of music.

The travel kit could be released in late July along with the home kit, if not a few weeks later in August.

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Third kit and release date of Man Utd 2020-21

Details on the third Man Utd kit are sparse, but if online leaks are believed, it will sport an extraordinary design of jagged black stripes against a white background.

The third Man Utd kit is expected to be released in August.



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