Pep Busquets Young talent for Girona in the Youth category

The good role of the Youth in the recent final phase of the ACB in Valencia was marked by the brave bet of Carles Duran with the young people. Names like Joel Parra, Nenad Dimitrijevic, Arnau Parrado, Arturs Zagars and Pep Busquets who, yesterday, became the first face of the squad with which Bàsquet Girona will face its debut at LEB Or. The winger from Granollers (21 years and 2.01) lands in Fontajau on loan from the Penya and joins the three renovations (Albert Sàbat, Gerard Sevillano and Robert Cosialls) in the team that Jordi Plà and Carles Marco were building little by little.

«I am very happy to have this opportunity to come to Bàsquet Girona for all that this club has represented in the past, the fans who have been in the province and, in addition, the efforts that Marc (Gasol) is making for basketball in Girona », explained Pep Busquets yesterday, who can play both« 2 »and« 3 », in a position where he will coincide with Gerard Sevillano, also from Badalona.

Trained in the youth basketball base and silver medal in the European Under-18 and Under-20 Championships, Busquets knows the LEB Or because he has played a few months this season on loan from the Peña to Alicante (6 points and 3 rebounds in 22 minutes) and because he had previously played with El Prat two seasons ago. After excelling in the base basketball of the Penya, Busquets was linked to the Badalonians playing in the EBA League with Arenys and LEB Or and LEB Plat with El Prat.

Last November, Busquets left the Prat de LEB Plata to go on loan to Alicante, LEB Or, where, with the former Pedro Rivero on the bench, he had many minutes until the stop of the competition for coronavirus: 26 minutes on average in 23 games.

Then, once the resumption of the competition in LEB Or was ruled out, the Penya recovered it to play the final phase of the ACB in Valencia and there Pep Busquets had his media moment in the match against Barça in La Fonteta ( 7 points and 2 rebounds in 14 minutes).




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