Ligue 1: “OM are not for sale”, insists McCourt, “unequivocally” – News feed – Ligue 1

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“Olympique de Marseille is not for sale,” a spokesperson for Frank OMourt, the American owner of OM, told AFP “unequivocally” after statements by the potential buyer on Friday. Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi. “There is no discussion of any kind whatsoever with Mr. Ajroudi or his partners contrary to what is reported in the media,” said a spokeswoman for the American businessman. “We are witnessing an attempt to destabilize the club, continues OM, at the precise moment when it is going through its most auspicious and most successful period since the takeover of Frank McCourt” in October 2016. “Frank is focused with a lot of enthusiasm for the next season which will see OM regain the place it deserves among the European elite by participating in the Champions League, a first in seven years, “added the spokesperson.

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